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PADS Content Manager

InfoWith PADS Content Manager you can simply but effectively manage the information you want to show on your displays. Whether it’s about welcoming messages for your visitors, scheduled events for your conference rooms or ad hoc announcements, using PADS Content Manager you will have the information on your displays within seconds. The big advantage of […]

PADS Standalone

InfoPADS Standalone is a simple yet highly effective solution for digital signage installations limited to one single display for playback of content. By installing PADS Standalone you can design and play presentations on your PC. By connecting a second display you can playback presentations on one display while doing content editing – invisible to the […]


InfoWith PADSXPRESS you have a powerful and affordable solution to provide your audience at the right moment with the right, targeted information. The PADSXPRESS digital signage software is a bundle of applications enabling you to design, schedule, distribute, display and analyse a wide variety of content. The extensive features of this network based software are […]

PADS Professional

InfoThe award-winning PADS Professional software is not just another digital signage product. It’s a bundle of applications suitable to drive your smallest digital signage installation of one single screen to your largest, mission critical installations with thousands of screens. PADS Professional enables you to design, schedule and distribute any type of content and have it […]

Creston – Control Systems for Home Automation, Campus & Building Control

Unleash the Power of Creston Advanced Technologies Whether you are displaying evidence in a courtroom, voting in a council chamber, collaborating on a response plan in an EOC or controlling cameras in a NOC, Crestron streamlines and simplifies the technology you use to make your job easier. We understand the unique and specialized needs of […]

URC – MRX-10 – MRX-10 Advanced Network System Controller

Advanced network system controller with 2-way communication The MRX-10 is the Total Control solution for any commercial application. For installs where multiple control protocols need addressing, the MRX-10 issues commands to all IP, IR, RS-232, relay and sensor controlled devices throughout the entire system. A two-way RF transceiver offers communication with current and future Total […]

URC – MRF-350 – RF to IR base station

Addressable RF base station with RFX-250 antenna module Multi-zone compatible Six (6) independently routed IR emitter outputs Built-in front panel IR blaster Available with 418 MHz or 433 MHz antenna The MRF-350 is the versatile companion RF base station for URC’s many narrow band remote controls. The MRF-350 receives Narrow Band RF (radio frequency) signals […]

Unified Media & IPTV

From training and marketing needs to social media demands, many businesses are experiencing media overload. It’s time to rise up and take back control! Unified media consolidates all media into one unit, placing total control at the user’s fingertips and making production, distribution and archiving requirements a breeze rather than a chore. For businesses and […]

Digital Signage Systems

When you need digital signage software, hardware, displays or accessories, MediaNow™ is the first and last word you need to know. As one of the first pure digital signage and public display companies in America, MediaNow’s diverse digital signage credits span the historic Apollo Theater and Times Square Building to the prestigious US Army War […]