Three Things You Need to Know About HDTVs

1. Commercial Vs. Consumer HDTVs (Flat Panels) Problem If you are procuring flat panel HDTVs for government facilities, be aware that the consumer models sold in big-box stores and base exchanges are built for home use and are not covered by the full warranty once they are used in a workplace. The consumer HDTV warranty […]

HDTV & You – Myths Busted – Secrets Revealed Part III

A tip sheet that can be used whether you are procuring HDTVs for your facility or your home There are not many things people today can agree on more than a nice flat panel TV. Everyone loves the way they look as much as looking at them. The good news is how they have dropped […]

Digital TV & You – Myths Busted – Secrets Revealed Part II

Last winter MediaNow sent a well-received update on the Digital TV (DTV) transition that was scheduled for February. As you may know, the transition was delayed and the switch is now going to be this Friday, June 12th. The delay has given us a chance to see how areas that already made the transition are […]

Digital TV & You – Myths Busted – Secrets Revealed

Over the past few months I have read scores of e-mails from Contracting Officers and homeowners asking about Digital TV or HDTV. There is a lot of misunderstanding about the coming move to Digital TV. For the few people who still rely on antennas, a simple converter box will do the job. Uncle Sam will […]