Healthcare Media

The healthcare field is constantly changing, growing and expanding to meet patient needs. Therefore, technology is always changing and growing to meet the needs of medical professionals. MediaNow is on top of the newest media for the healthcare industry.

Whether you need digital signage in a medical office lobby, patient room televisions and in-house programming for hospitals and long-term care facilities, or displays designed for medical diagnostics, imaging and research, MediaNow is where the pros go for high-quality healthcare media and professional service.

Patient Room Televisions

Designed for hospital or long-term care facility rooms, commercial-grade patient televisions withstand wear and tear and are equipped with features that provide control to the facility’s staff while patients are entertained. MediaNow offers a variety of high-quality patient room televisions with screen sizes, features and options to fit your facility’s needs, as well as professional installation and content creation for a turnkey solution to enhance your patients’ stay. Contact MediaNow today to find out more about patient-centered healthcare media and what it can do for your facility.

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Medical Fields Displays

The future is here…with stereoscopic 3D displays! Unique technologies create the highest quality stereoscopic images available with no resolution loss for accurate, detailed medical imaging. Scientific fields also find 3D stereoscopic displays to be the perfect desktop solution for medical research, satellite and aerial photogrammetry, realistic computer gaming, and many other applications.

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