Specialty Displays

Have the world at your fingertips! LCD touchscreens use the newest technology to integrate touch capabilities directly into a flat-panel monitor, eliminating the need for a separate overlay. Able to stand up to the wear and tear of heavy use, LCD touchscreens are the preferred solution for applications that require many users or are used in a public setting.

Stereoscopic 3D
The future is here… with stereoscopic 3D displays! Unique technologies create the highest quality stereoscopic images available with no resolution loss for accurate, detailed medical imaging. Scientific fields also find 3D stereoscopic displays to be the perfect desktop solution for medical research, satellite and aerial photogrammetry, realistic computer gaming, and many other applications.

Kiosk Solutions
MediaTile’s unique cellular-based approach provides the impact of digital signage with the ease of completely integrated displays, eliminating the need for networking. Just add power and you’re ready to go! Available in 19”, 32”, 42” and 47” sizes, as well as a stand-alone interactive kiosk system, MediaTile has the solution for your customer engagement needs.

Stretch Monitors
Stretch your imagination with the LG Stretch! Available in two sizes, LG’s rectangular Stretch LCD displays are the perfect signage solution for windows, over doors, along hallways, or any other horizontal application. With nearly double the viewing area of standard displays and a sleek, sophisticated design, the LG Stretch captivates and ignites your viewing audience.

Floor Displays
Digital signage on the floor? It’s true! The revolutionary IntelliMat LCD is designed for use on the floor, a virtually untouched advertising space, and will have people literally stopping in their tracks. Built to withstand direct weight, the IntelliMat is meant be walked on or even rolled over with a grocery cart.

Presentation Displays
Make a bold, impressive statement with high-definition displays specifically designed for presentations. These displays up the “wow” factor of your message by incorporating high-resolution technology with innovative styling to become the centerpiece of any presentation room. Your audience won’t dare look away!

DLP Displays
Equally suitable for video walls or stand-alone displays, Digital Light Processing (DLP) displays use backlight technology and specially designed microchips, resulting in incredible color reproduction and excellent contrast ratios. These lightweight displays produce clear images in an extensive range of colors, and DLP technology is continually improving.

Flexible Video Displays
Free your imagination with NanoLumens! This innovative, flexible large display no longer limits your project vision to flat walls. The rugged yet pliable NanoLumens display uses light-emitting technology with polymer substrates to create a lightweight, waterproof screen that delivers clear, rich images at any venue.

Open Frame
Don’t let size restrictions limit your imagination! With Toshiba LCD or Salitek multi-plasma open frame displays, you can create video walls in any size or configuration. The ultra-thin bezel allows for a virtually seamless finished product, and the infinitely expandable displays can even show different images within the same video wall. If you can dream it, it can be done with open frame displays!

Customizable Video Walls
Video walls have come a long way from the old projection-type screens that require bulky equipment and lots of space to produce fuzzy, washed-out images. Today’s video wall components are lighter, slimmer, and more powerful and energy efficient than ever before, creating rich colors and high-definition images that amaze and inspire viewers. Flexible video displays can even be wrapped around columns or tapered to oddly-shaped walls, no longer limiting your spatial options.

Ultra High Resolution Displays
Designed for commercial and professional markets, Toshiba’s 56” Ultra High Resolution LCD display delivers striking images and ignites the senses, leaving quite an impact on the viewer. The P56QHD display boasts a 3840×2160 resolution, 16.77 million colors, high brightness, high speed response time, and is available with either dual or quad inputs.