Customer Engagement Technology

Captive Audience Networks
Digital signage networks are perfect for situations in which your target audience will be spending time with little else to do but absorb your message. These captive audiences include people in waiting areas of hospitals and doctors’ offices, airports, bank lobbies, retail checkout lines, mall food courts or sitting areas, and many more places. Creative, eye-catching advertising on crisp, high-resolution screens will capture the attention of your target audience, resulting in effective and memorable delivery of your message. Let MediaNow help you design a network that will grab your audience’s attention every time. Contact MediaNow today to discuss your ideas.

Digital Out-of-Home Networks
Digital out-of-home media networks refer to using electronic display technology to get your message to people on the go or in captive audience situations. There are so many unused spaces to turn into viable advertising media: gas pumps, ATMs, elevators, checkout lines, public transportation waiting areas, and so much more. Smaller screens can be placed in these areas, and specific messages can be delivered at certain times of the day to reach your target audience. These out-of-the ordinary, previously unused spaces can get your messages noticed quickly and keep them in your audience’s minds. The experts at MediaNow can show you how to be an original with your message. Call MediaNow today to find out more.

Retail Television
Everyone has walked into a retail store and seen a wall of televisions, either dedicated to signage or as floor models of products for sale. The challenge is to fill these screens with useful content. Many times, they are set to play a DVD or are tuned into a broadcast network, which could actually advertise for your competitor right in your own store!

The solution to getting your custom-tailored message across is to create attention-grabbing, compelling video that will drive up sales and can be changed quickly to reflect current promotions, seasons, or new products. But, many companies do not have the time or the manpower to constantly create, change, and manage such a network. MediaNow can help you find the perfect solution, whether it is by helping you choose user-friendly software or designing a system that fits your needs. Go where the pros go and put MediaNow’s expertise to work for you today.