Ruckus Wireless

MediaNow is proud to offer products by Ruckus Wireless, the premier American
designer and manufacturer of Smart WiFi products.

Established in 2004, Ruckus has earned an impeccable reputation for its easy-to-use wireless multimedia solutions. Ruckus products include Smart WiFi access points, controllers, and WLAN management systems, and use a patented technology that supports streaming multicast IP video and delivers longer range and more reliable WiFi connections. With over 4,000 channel partners and deployments all over the world, Ruckus is the trusted choice of professionals.

Ruckus products are the perfect mates for MediaNow’s wide range of professional digital media displays and digital signage systems. MediaNow’s expertise and experience with Ruckus products means that your system will be tailored to your needs, maximizing wireless connections and user-friendly control. Contact MediaNow today to see what Ruckus Smart WiFi products can do for you.



Take control of your Wi-Fi devices! Ruckus wireless controllers control your number of wireless access points, and contain unique features not found in other central management systems. Ruckus’s Smart/OS software and applications are included, providing user-friendly configuration and management of the entire WLAN.

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Access Points

Ruckus access points provide a simple solution to a big problem: how to get the power you need with the simplicity you want. With seamless interoperability, Wi-Fi security, Smart Mesh Networking and high performance, Ruckus access points are flexible enough to handle any deployment. What’s more, configuration takes only minutes, so you will be on your way to complete access in no time.

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Ruckus zone switchers provide an easy, cost-effective way to deliver reliable and consistent performance. Perfect for deployment at the edge of the network, Ruckus switchers are simple to configure and handle a variety of devices, and separate types of traffic for seamless mobility.

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Wi-Fi RF Simulation Tool

Ruckus’s Wi-Fi RF simulation tool, ZonePlanner, eliminates deployment problems during the initial planning stage, saving both time and money. By using a simulation tool, network managers can determine the best signal pathways to improve reliability, create maps, build models, generate material lists, and much more, resulting in an effective, well-managed and smoothly-deployed wireless LAN.

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