From elementary school to college, schools need effective means of communicating important information to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of students and staff. Digital media display systems can make this task much easier.

Unlike costly printed materials that are thrown away, or morning announcements that can be difficult to hear over student chatter, digital media display systems can constantly re-run information, reminding even the most forgetful students of upcoming events. No more time wasted gathering students in an auditorium or cafeteria for assemblies; students can watch on a large flat panel display directly from their classrooms. Guest speakers and field professionals can provide enrichment from across the country, and digital projectors and internet-ready media displays open up a new world of methods for teachers. Digital display systems can also help disseminate important information in emergency situations, keeping all students and staff informed when audio announcements or hallway travel may be restricted.

For colleges and universities, digital display systems can provide campus directions, daily menus, upcoming events, class changes or cancellations, and activity information. Local businesses that cater to college students, such as take-out food restaurants or nightclubs, will be providing additional income by advertising on your strategically located displays.

To make the most of your educational digital display system, contact MediaNow and go where the pros go!