Hotels and resorts offer so many amenities to their guests, and many communities rely on tourism for their economy. Print materials in every guest’s room can be expensive and ineffective. Who wants to sort through mounds of papers during a vacation or before an important business meeting?

Enter digital display systems. A bright, eye-catching LED in the lobby will welcome your guests and provide directions. Smaller screens in elevators and hallways can advertise the gourmet dishes and daily specials at the on-site restaurant, or inform guests of the entertainment at the lounge. In-room screens can provide local advertising for restaurants, activities, attractions, tours and entertainment, as well as provide information about hotel/resort amenities and room service menus. An interactive kiosk at the concierge desk can allow guests to order services even when the concierge is unavailable.

Guests at hotels or resorts like to be pampered, and with digital media display systems, you are providing them with all the information they need to make their stay with you pleasant and enjoyable, without them ever having to ask. With so many application possibilities in the hospitality industry, be sure to go where the pros go—MediaNow.