People eat with their eyes just as much as with their taste buds; everyone has found their mouth watering at the sight of a delectable meal. Just imagine what happens when that image is in moving, high-resolution rich color! Promote your daily special or soup of the day at the entrance, or show short videos at the table to keep the kids occupied. Enhance the ambiance of a romantic setting with moving artwork, or get the party started with music videos.

Make your sports bar the only place in town for the big game with an LCD at the bar and smaller, tableside screens. Give your ethnic restaurant an authentic flair by adding cultural images, scenes and descriptions. Entice passers-by to stop in for a bite by displaying images of your perfectly prepared meals right outside your door.

Turn to MediaNow—where the pros go—to help your restaurant create a digital media display system that will stir the senses and invite customers to your tables.