Give your customers the information they need at the moment they need it–right now! Retail stores can answer customers’ questions before they are even asked with digital media displays. Advertise current sales and specials, cross-sell products, direct your customers to specific departments, show and demonstrate the newest products…the possibilities are endless!

By keeping your content fresh and relevant, digital media display systems can increase your sales by pairing your message with the product on your shelf, only a few feet away from the consumer. In addition, they reduce the costs spent by many companies for print advertising and flyers (which, we all know, usually end up in the recycling bin!). Bring in more dollars by selling advertising to partners, vendors, or other nearby, non-competing businesses. After a day of shopping, who doesn’t want to stop for a bite to eat? The restaurant next door may want to advertise at your checkout line, creating more revenue for you both, and helping cover the cost of your initial investment.

Digital media display systems are already entrenched in the retail market, and more innovative, novel uses are being created every day. Come to where the pros go—MediaNow—for your retail display system needs.