Help your customers find sale items, or promote your highest margin products by interacting directly with shoppers through a digital media display system. Whether you are a large super center or a small convenience store, a digital display system can boost your sales and increase your bottom line.

Overstocked on certain items? Advertise it on a small display screen next to the item to move your stock, or cross-sell by advertising complimentary items. A sharp, clear image of a product and short video of the product’s uses will have them flying off your shelves.

Digital media display systems in the checkout lines can offer customers exclusive “sneak-peeks” of upcoming sales, entertain them, or even advertise for other, non-competing businesses. Many supermarkets that use self-checkouts are already using digital display systems to provide customer ease and minimize mistakes.

Go where the pros go to implement a sales-boosting digital media display system in your supermarket—MediaNow.