Unified Media & IPTV

From training and marketing needs to social media demands, many businesses are experiencing media overload. It’s time to rise up and take back control! Unified media consolidates all media into one unit, placing total control at the user’s fingertips and making production, distribution and archiving requirements a breeze rather than a chore.

For businesses and government/military agencies, unified media makes the world a much smaller place. Your key team members have up-to-date information available at all times through a variety of devices, no matter where they are, and at a verifiable cost savings. Instead of myriad locations, racks, and hardware that partially meet your media communications needs, you can now place all of your content creation, media storage and distributions at a reliable core that can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

In hospitality markets, unified media and IPTV can enhance the experiences of your guests, patients or residents by providing entertainment and information in the comfort of their own rooms, with content crafted specifically for your venue’s needs. Unified media lets you pull it all together and retain control, increase efficiency and generate extra revenue.

With video streaming, video-on-demand, telepresence, digital signage, place-based media and H.264 IPTV, the application possibilities for unified media are only limited by your creativity. MediaNow has the experience and skills to deliver media that rivals the best in any form, from Smartphones, iPads and home theater systems to televisions in guest or patient rooms, large displays in lobby areas, and outdoor billboard-sized LED displays. Explore how a unified media system, designed by MediaNow’s professional team, can work for you.