MediaNow Steps In to Help Businesses Comply with New York City Sign Regulations

New York, NY — Due to the number of existing but unlawful static and electronic signs in New York City, MediaNow is offering billboard remediation services to help New York’s business owners comply with the city’s laws.

According to a January 2012 Eyewitness News 7 investigation, the city has given out hundreds of violations and fines in the last 24 months, totaling more than $5 million.1 New York continues to crack down on billboards that violate the city’s strict codes, many of which have been in place for years. In fact, many building owners do not even know that their signs are illegal, and are following the tradition of advertising set forth by previous owners.2

MediaNow, a New Jersey-based digital media company, has made it a priority to offer remediation services to business owners to ensure legality of their signs, as well as to increase business revenue through innovative sign solutions. With specialists in the field of LED and LCD display technology, MediaNow can design, procure, fabricate, and install your indoor or outdoor sign to meet the city’s laws. In many cases, existing sign structures can be used to avoid costly new construction, and MediaNow’s engineers work closely with local union sign-hangers and electricians to ensure compliance.

In addition, MediaNow can cut through the red tape by obtaining permits, sealed professional drawings and engineering quotations, as well as provide project management, ROI estimates and data, and content creation and management.

1. Hoffer, Jim. “Illegal Billboards and Unpaid Fines.” Eyewitness News 7. 20 January 2012.

2 Melago, Carrie. “The $1M Billboard: City Demands Astor Place Building Pay Huge Fines
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