Chyron AXIS

Dramatically improve your on-air graphics look while saving money
AXIS Graphics is the proven leader in on-demand graphics production.

Wide Area Collaboration and Sharing
All graphics created in AXIS are immediately available to all users in your organization anywhere in the world. This is especially important in Breaking News situations where graphic cycle time is of the upmost importance. Tornadoes in Texas? No problem. Your station in Dallas has probably already made that graphic and it’s ready for you to use.

Automatic Graphic Re-Skinning
AXIS will automatically re-skin any graphic to your station’s look if it was created in a different style by one of your sister stations. You can even switch templates to allow you to repurpose your graphics for different media formats such as web banners or mobile devices.

Centralize Easily
If you’re looking at centralizing, look no further than AXIS. Since AXIS is cloud-based, there’s no equipment to buy, to install or to maintain, meaning that centralizing around AXIS is faster and more cost-effective than anything on the market. Let Chyron maintain the powerful centralized graphics solution for you at our enterprise-class data centers.