Scala InfoChannel 5


By combining digital and traditional signage systems, Scala has become the world’s first connected signage company, offering the leading platform for content creation, management and distribution in digital signage networks, and the first unified platform for advertising management of both traditional and digital signage networks.

Connected signage networks are comprised of many types of signage including digital signage, billboards, transit signage, street furniture, truckside signage, place-based signage, and more. Advertising management of all of these types of signage is centrally monitored and administrated in a connected signage network. The content distribution and scheduling is also managed centrally in digital signage environments.



Content Manager

InfoChannel 5 introduces the brand – new InfoChannel Content Manager which together with other signiicant Authoring, Network Management and Playback enhancements ensures that this next generation of digital signage software ofers unequaled, new features that beneit both Digital Signage and Corporate Communications customers alike: streamlined interface/worklow; rapid template based content authoring; sophisticated content management including new channel planning/scheduling modules; new 3D-based rendering engine for improved visual quality and performance and multiple independent output channels per remote Player PC dramatically reduces hardware costs at remote playback locations. Of course, the traditional InfoChannel strengths which propelled Scala to its leading position in the irst place are still there and better than ever: authoring option provides the fastest system for creation of Dynamic Content in the busi- ness; support for both Interactive (kiosks, touch-screens, etc) and Passive displays; support for both Terrestrial & Satellite (e.g. multicast) IP-based networks; lexible integration with external databases (e.g. POS) or other external systems (e.g. legacy systems) using VBScript, JavaScript or Python; and inally InfoChannel’s real-time rendering at the “point of play- back” ensures smaller ile sizes coupled with intelligent ile transfers dramatically reduces network bandwidth require- ments. With ield proven scalability and 24/7 reliability, Scala InfoChannel is installed in more digital signage networks around the world than any other digital signage software platform.

Content Management Features

New Content Management & Planning – Managing your digital signage content can be challenging, but with the new state-of-the-art content management, planning and scheduling tools included in Scala InfoChannel 5, management and control of your network is both improved and simpliied – reducing the resources required to control and maintain your network. New template support – plan-based content distribution, timetables, and playlists – keep you in control of your network from wherever you are in the world, through the new browser-based interface.

Roles and Users – The new Content Manager User Interface is fully multi-user capable. Everyone can contribute to the network at the same time. User proiles can be deined to only allow certain feature/functionality on a user-by- user basis.

Templates – From the Content Manager’s web front end, any use can ill in forms that drive predeined templates. Templates are deined in InfoChannel Designer. No additional software needs to be installed on the users desktop. Data-driven content templates allow even your least design-savvy employee to create great looking displays.

Plan-based Content Distribution – Simply deine your “channel” and assign it to one or more players. Content is then automatically distributed to all “points of playback”. You can even tag content with metadata, and use that to dynamically control playback without special scripting.

Playlists and Schedules – Playlists and schedules can be easily deined from Content Manager’s web front end. Define one-time or recurring time slots that employ variable recurrence patterns and start/end dates. Specify playlists for each time slot and view the schedule graphically at-a-glance.

Content Management – Directly ingest MPEGs, JPEGs, Flash and Scala scripts directly into Content Manager, with metadata and thumbnails. This gives you the best of both worlds – Sophisticated applications can still use InfoChannel Designer. Media planners are not forced to use Designer. Content Manager can ingest content, data or video feeds, automatically from multiple remote FTP servers that can be automatically incorporated into a “smart playlist”.

New Simpliied System Management – Content management and planning are key to the success of any digital signage network, but without careful system management of network components your message may not be delivered to your intended audience. The new InfoChannel Content Manager provides tools for maintenance scheduling, roles and worklows, and a ield-proven stable & scalable transmission engine all controlled by a new intuitive user interface that ensures reliable delivery of your content to your audience.

Maintenance Scheduling – The Player knows its “rules” for scheduled maintenance tasks, even if the network is down. Tasks such as weekly reboots, log retrieval, health monitoring are deined from Content Manager’s web based GUI. Once entered, maintenance requirements can be executed at speciied times with minimal disruption to your digital signage network.

Roles and Worklows – User Roles allow users/groups to be assigned diferent access rights and roles for improved security and worklow. Preset roles can be individually adjusted as needed. Many users can log into the system at the same time.

Transmission Engine – Build a timetable of playlists outlining what content should play when and where, and content will be automatically delivered by the ield-proven Transmission Engine, to all the speciied “points of playback”.

New User Interface – Navigate the Scala InfoChannel software platform faster and easier with an even more intuitive and friendly user interface. The new InfoChannel 5 user interface makes extensive use of context menus, rich web- interfaces with drag and drop thumbnails, advanced media searching and browsing, timetable based scheduling, and more, allowing you to access and control your network from anywhere in the world.

New Superior Visual Quality & Performance – The appearance and performance of your content will capture and keep your audience’s attention with crystal clear, smooth tickers and animations. The new Scala InfoChannel® Player 5 ofers many advancements in quality and performance including: multi-channel support per player, auto scaling provides resolution independence, auto rotation makes managing of portrait content a breeze, multiple frames per channel, and more consistent timing in addition to smoother tickers and fonts and overall better performing graphics.

Multi-channel Support – Run multiple channels from a single InfoChannel Player PC with Dual Output Video cards – immediately reducing your hardware, OS licensing, and administration costs.

Multiple Independent Zones – Each display can have multiple independent zones or regions of the screen, each running their own independent script or playlist. Zones are deined from Content Manager’s rich browser based interface.

Resolution Independence and Scaling – Players can render diferent sizes on the ly with outstanding visual clarity. Layout your content for the correct aspect ratio (16×9, 4×3, or 9×16), and the new InfoChannel Player will make it look great regardless of resolution.

Rotation Support – With this new feature, you can design your content in portrait mode, but have the InfoChannel Player rotate this for landscape playback (to work with a wider variety of screens and computers) without any visual side efects.

Greater Visual Performance – The new 3D based rendering engine ofers greater visual playback performance to ensure your message is delivered as crisp and as clear as possible in native screen resolutions, including HD.

Smoothness – Scala InfoChannel 5 ensures smoother tickers/crawls and animation or transition efects due to greater performance, improved scaling, and sub-pixel positioning. Video and animations on each page play seamlessly during page transitions.

New Cutting-Edge Architecture – Behind every great application is a great architecture. Scala InfoChannel 5 is no exception. Newly added features – including easier upgradeability, better compatibility, secure database backend, proof of playback reporting, and simpliied content delivery – give Scala InfoChannel 5 the lexibility, security, scalability, extensibility and ease of use that your market demands.

No Player Dongles, Online software upgrades – InfoChannel Content Manager manages the licenses for your entire network centrally, therefore there are no more player dongles to keep track of. Software updates are available online based on this new licensing scheme.

HTTP and HTTPS support – With InfoChannel 5, there is no FTP server to set up. No custom ports to conigure in a firewall, and no IIS to conigure. Built in applications provide both web server and database functionality. Improved security is now possible with HTTPS support. Many CISCO networks will ind this very helpful.

Proof-of-Playback Reporting, New XML Format – InfoChannel 5’s new playlogs are XML based, allowing us to support the new POPAI standard and other third party applications (e.g. DS-IQ). A new Scala Billing Viewer ofer simpliied generation of proof-of-playback aidavits, saving you time and eliminating costly delays in extracting detailed billing information from your InfoChannel 5 network.

State-of-the-Art Technology – InfoChannel 5 Content Manager is based on modern, rich, open standards such as J2EE and SQL all wrapped in a rich AJAX-based web-interface – giving the platform the ability to scale easily and adapt to a variety of IT environments.



Scala Designer is the fastest, most cost-effective solution for creating truly dynamic content for digital signage. You can author professional media in an attention-grabbing environment for virtually any type of display by incorporating your existing media files into a ScalaScript. From retail dynamic signage to government and education to business communications, Designer gives you more creative control of your content with flexibility and real-time edits not offered by video production. Designer helps you create great content that can be more efficient to send and store than using video. While your Scala network does not require that your content come from Designer, it is the best way to create rich, professional content that can be changed quickly and easily without sacrificing any attention-grabbing appeal.


Designer Key Features

Use Your Favorite Tools – Feel free to use your favorite video and image creation tools for complete productions, or as elements you can enhance with Designer to create rich, dynamic content that can be changed quickly and easily without sacrificing any attention-grabbing appeal.

Photoshop Plug-in – Designer comes with a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that lets you create your layout in Photoshop and export to Designer where you can add timing, transitions and interactivity.

Aggregation of Different Media Formats – Designer composites a large variety of image, video and audio file formats without file conversion or re-rendering on the server side.
* Video: AVI, SWF, MPG, WMV, H.264
* Sound: WAV, MP3

Make it Dynamic – Seamlessly combine text, graphics, sound and video into broadcast-quality multimedia. Preview exactly how it will appear, even full-screen.

Forget Re-rendering – Designer doesn’t re-render your videos or other content, giving you more creative control over the final playback quality. Playback is rendered live and on the fly with the original media formats unaltered, yet composited, layered, and sequenced as instructed from Designer and Content Manager.

Amazing Transitions – Designer lets you take advantage of hundreds of smooth, full-screen effects and transitions built into the Scala playback engine.

Live Playback – Incorporate live Windows Streaming Video or Adobe Flash content.

Layout – Compose more attractive and distinctive screens with element alignment tools, grids and guides.

Talk Your Language – Create your content in dozens of languages with support for most international writing systems (including European languages, Asian languages, Arabic, Hebrew, and more).

Design Versatility – Design for landscape, portrait or video walls. Content can be auto-rotated and scaled to perfectly fit your displays.

Crawl Around – Add data-driven text crawls with controllable direction and speed.

Fully Stocked – Scala Designer comes with a plethora of clip art, stock images, templates, backgrounds, and stock video to help bring your content alive.

Template Design – Design great templates and keep your look clean and consistent while letting any internet user easily add content and text with template creation via the Template Composer EX Module in Content Manager.

Go Interactive – Design interactive content with interactive buttons, variables and branching for kiosks or other applications.

Easy Customization – Many interactive applications can be authored right in Scala’s easy to navigate, graphical interface.

Optional Scripting – Programmers can dive into the ScalaScript language or use supported Windows Scripting languages such as VBScript, JavaScript or Python.

Authoring Amenities – Designer comes with plenty of other useful authoring features such as undo, spell check, printing, collect files and exporting.

EX Modules – Optional add-ons to control switchers, video playback hardware and other devices.

Publish Your Work – When complete, publish your content to Scala Content Manager where it is scheduled and distributed to Scala Players.



Scala Player provides stable, reliable multimedia playback for virtually any environment including entertainment, retail, government, finance, and education. Users can create content using Designer or other industry-standard applications, and distribute it to Scala Players using Content Manager (and Broadcast Server for satellite/multicast). The Player will continuously run and update the content on dynamic digital signage displays according to the plan set in place from the Content Manager. Plasmas, TVs, kiosks, text, graphics, sound, and video can be dynamically scheduled and customized at each Player location.


Player Key Features

Does What It’s Told – Stable and reliable digital signage playback 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Superior Playback – Scala’s playback technology delivers smooth sub-pixel motion without distracting choppy, stutters.

Only What I Need – When you make changes to your content, Player will only download changes to the script, not the entire content.

Report Back Immediately – Players communicate with Content Manager to track Player health and log events for ad billing or other reporting.

Plays Well with Others – Windows Script Host Support enables seamless interface between Player and other systems/data using JavaScript, Python or VBScript.

Let’s Go To The Video – Supports Windows Streaming Video or live video inputs with additional EX Module and corresponding hardware.

Interactivity – Plays either self-running media or interactive content with a touchscreen.

Which Way is Up? – Native support for many widescreen displays and auto-rotation on portrait screens.

Sound On – Audio-only Players are an option with Scala if you’re looking to manage both visual and audio messaging.

Keep the Light On – If your network connection goes down, Player keeps playing using store and forward technology.

Choose Your Platform – Player licensing options are available for a wide variety of hardware from the very basic to the most advanced.