Visix AxisTV


AxisTV digital signage software offers the industry’s friendliest user interface. Browser-based access lets you use AxisTV’s entire toolkit to create, schedule and deliver important announcements and alerts across your network from anywhere in the world. Creating a message is as simple as filling out a form; instructive prompts make importing media files a breeze; and calendar-based scheduling simplifies publishing.

Browser-Based for Easy Access
Create, import, manage and schedule media and messages from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

Mass Alert Notification Capabilities
Override all content on the entire system or just in targeted regions with just a few mouse clicks or using CAP triggers.

Enterprise Solutions Across the Organization
Publish across your organization to displays, desktops, room signs, web pages, smart phones and RSS-enabled devices.

Proven Technologies and Superior Service
Over 1200 clients and 700 campuses worldwide use AxisTV for their digital signage content management.

· User-friendly, browser based interface for access from anywhere
· Use easy creation and scheduling tools with an extensive background library
· Import custom graphics, backgrounds and wallpapers
· Directly import PowerPoint with transitions
· Extract event schedule data from scheduling applications
· Point to dynamic graphics on the web (weather, traffic, etc.)
· Include live video feeds or streams in overlay windows
· Play back MPEG-1 or 2, AVI, WMV and Flash videos
. Include Flash interactivity and charting for data visualization
· Display data feeds (RSS, etc.) as tickers or bulletins
· Create informative tickers
· Add audio to visual messages
. Set and use templates for controlled formatting
· Schedule a variety of multi-window layouts
· Incorporate multiple resolutions and aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, 9:16)
· Customize and save layout templates
. Incorporate device control for energy savings
. Manage user roles and security settings
. Access sophisticated management tools for system oversight
. Use Alert Mode to override current messages and deliver emergency communications



AxisTV has three main components: the AxisTV digital signage software, a content manager and one or more medial players. Hardware can be provided by Visix or you can configure our software on your own components.

Authorized users access the content manager and software tools via an easy-to-use web interface to create, manage and schedule time-sensitive content. Messages are grouped into named playlists for easy management. These playlists are published to selected players, which feed displays at scheduled times and intervals.

AxisTV is deliverable as a software application or an integrated system. The AxisTV application, supporting content manager and players are configured onto your local and or wide area network, with its player output (VGA, DVi, component S-Video, or composite video) connected to virtually any number of display devices: flat-panel LCDs and plasma displays, TVs, rooms signs and more.

A major advantage of all of our web-based applications is that anyone with a valid username and password can create captivating visual communications from their desktop, or any other device with access to a browser via LAN, WAN or web.


System Diagram

Visix solutions are designed to integrate into your local or wide area network. Data management and transfer is typically handled through 10/100 Ethernet infrastructure. The output of the channel player(s) can be configured to include VGA, DVi, composite, or component S-Video and accompanying audio. These signals are typically distributed to any number of endpoints using traditional audiovisual signal distribution products. These products may include VGA distribution amplifiers and category-5 transmitters/receivers.

When a client chooses to deliver visual messages to a network of televisions, the audio and video signals are typically distributed via an existing RF distribution system using modulators and dedicated channels. In this case, visual communications would appear on a particular channel on TVs.

In the sample diagram below, the signal outputs of the represented players are being distributed to a network of televisions, room signs, LCD/plasma displays and Visix publisher endpoints over the network.

Note that the specific components necessary to deliver these signals are not represented in the diagram, and the Visix package does not include a video distribution system or any of the components needed.

AxisTV can be seamlessly integrated with other Visix technologies to deliver your digital signage content beyond displays to interactive room signs, desktops and personal devices for maximum message saturation.


Popular Options

Ad tracking & report: Track when content is displayed and get a report that can be exported as a PDF, RTF, HTML or Excel® file

Device control: Remotely manage your displays using Extron’s IP Link® control interfaces. Schedule when you want them on and off, select an input and adjust the volume. Conserve power and extend the life of your displays

Event schedule display: Import data from the industry’s most popular event scheduling software programs. You choose what types of events to display, and throughout the day schedules are automatically updated

Dean Evans EMS®: Extract event schedules directly from EMS Professional®, EMS Lite® or EMS Enterprise® scheduling software from Dean Evans and Associates

Microsoft® Exchange®: Import event schedules from Microsoft® Exchange® and update displays throughout the day with no intervention needed
Scheduler Plus® by PeopleCube
Delphi® by NewMarket International
R25® by CollegeNET

Extended widescreen support: Display extended computer video resolutions in 4:3, 16:9 and 9:16 aspect ratios. This option is a must if you need a broader range of resolutions or refresh rates, or you intend to rotate your displays to the portrait mode

Premium weather subscription: Get the most accurate and attractive weather data from

RSS feed adapter: Point to text-based RSS feeds to be displayed as bulletins or tickers

Stock ticker: Import stock data from your Comstock account and displays in a ticker

Streaming media support: Display a VBrick media stream via your Visix media player

Syndicated data feeds: Delivers automated news, sports, business and entertainment updates from UPI

Video window with tuner: Overlay live or recorded video feeds in a message pane

Wireless networking: Media players support optional Linksys wireless-G PCI adapters, broadband routers and access points. When configured in the 802.11g mode, the wireless components can deliver content at 54Mbps