Media Tile’s Cellular Digital Signage


HumanKioskThe world’s first provider of Cellular Digital Signage™

In 2004, MediaTile released the world’s first cellular-based digital signage network solution. This resulted in a breakthrough in the digital signage industry and eliminated the number one barrier to digital signage adoption: the costly and complex on-site IT infrastructure, management and support necessary to deliver messages and manage displays. Today, MediaTile is the world leading provider of these cellular networks and all-in-one solutions.

MediaTile integrates 3G cellular broadband internet support into each display and media player. The core technology to support this capability is provided though our partnerships with leading telecommunication companies including Sprint, Verizon Wireless, AT&T among leading providers around the globe.  With MediaTile’s cellular digital signage you can:

  • Speed your deployments and realize faster return on investment
  • Improve security by separating mission-critical networks from signage networks
  • Eliminate the cost of adding satellite, dsl or wi-fi networks at each location
  • Easily move all-in-one displays from one location to another
  • Eliminate the IT management costs and complexities of maintaining an on-site IP network
  • Setup your devices simply by plugging them to a power receptacle
  • Be assured of your future with upcoming 4G networked solutions

MediaTile customers report that they achieve Return on Investment (ROI), and Return on Objective (ROO) goals faster and at a lower cost of ownership. In a 2008 independent industry analyst report from Frost & Sullivan, MediaTile customers with all-in-one, cellular-based digital signage solutions went on record saying they deployed in about ½ the time and at ½ the cost of traditionally networked systems. This critical business advantage, combined with the ease and flexibility of our web-based Mediacast content delivery and management system earned MediaTile the prestigious Digital Signage Technology of the Year Award.



MediaTile’s Media Player line is a display-independent solution that integrates everything you need to run a digital signage network. With the two Media Player options available, you can easily create, deploy and manage a highly engaging and interactive digital signage network using high-definition and touch-screen displays of your choosing. Standard Audio and Video outputs give you maximum flexibility to support nearly every display option including: SD or HD LCDs, LEDs, projectors, billboards and other compatible devices.

Media Player
– All-in-one Media Player includes MediaCast player software; just connect to display and add power.
– Powerful Intel-based I3 and I5 processor options.
– Integrated 3G/4G Wireless option; LAN / Wi-Fi standard.
– Support for SD/HD displays via VGA, DVI and HDMI.
– Includes wall mount bracket; optional VESA mount housing available for secure, in-line display to wall mounting.
– Powered by MediaCast cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) with complete and secure control from your web-browser.
– Advanced content scheduling and monitoring support including: playlists, multi-zones, day part scheduling, Flash content creator, RSS, live video streams, external TV input and other capabilities.
– Premium player adds support for up to 1980×1080 video, and external (cable) TV input and TV playback within a playlist zone.



HumanKioskMediaTile’s HumanKiosk® Solution, powered by MediaCast® Video Presence, is a next-generation interactive digital signage / kiosk solution that revolutionizes viewer engagement and brand-to-consumer relationships. More than a static digital sign, HumanKiosk-certified systems can run scheduled interactive digital promotions to attract viewers, while also providing integrated support for live, 2-way video sessions between a consumer and a remote expert agent.

HumanKiosk hardware environments are all-in-one, free-standing systems that integrate the following components into a seamless solution: advanced Intel based media-players, high-bandwidth 4G wireless network services, high-definition touch screen displays, integrated 2-way video capabilities with audio, all controlled by on-board and in-the-cloud MediaCast Video presence software. HumanKiosk-certified hardware systems are built and tested by partners based on MediaTile’s HumanKiosk Hardware Design Reference Platform (HDRP) specification to ensure seamless, trouble-free operation, and high-quality commercial standards.

HumanKioskAs a fully integrated environment, deploying HumanKiosk certified-solutions requires nothing more than access to a standard power outlet, making it suited for use in retail chain stores, brand displays, banks and credit unions, health care facilities, government agencies and other customer facing venues.

MediaTile has partnered with a number of manufacturers and integrators to bring this innovative solution to market. Following are some of the MediaTile partners, and respective HumanKiosk-certified solutions making their way to market.


Network Options

Our digital signage displays support a wide variety of on-site connectivity options.   From cellular-broadband support to directly-cabled Ethernet connections, we have a connectivity solution that will fit your on-site networking parameters as well as your operational, IT support and budgetary needs.

“MediaTile’s built-in cellular broadband capabilities eliminated the need to ‘network’ each location so we were able to deploy our community TV network in about ½ the time and at about ½ the cost of traditional systems.”
-Dave Maday, a partner in The Spot Media Group

Cellular broadband connectivity using the latest cellular technology including EvDO/3G.  Support for 1x services (non-broadband) is also included for locations where cellular broadband services are not yet available.

Wi-Fi based connectivity is supported using industry standard Wi-Fi routers and accompanying Wi-Fi enabled MediaTile displays.

MediaTile Network Options

We offer support for virtually any on-site networking system that provides internet access, including DSL, Cable DSL, LAN or WAN.   Our displays can be directly connected to the Ethernet access point, or can be used via a Wi-Fi router.

Two-way satellite-based internet connectivity can be used with our systems. Displays can be directly connected to the satellite access point, or can be used via a Wi-Fi router.


Digital Sign

Digital Sign in a Box

Our Digital Sign in a Box line includes everything you need to deploy and manage your informational, educational or promotional broadcast network or a network of interactive displays, quickly and easily. These wide-screen systems are ideal for virtually any environment – from end-caps to corporate offices.

THe Digital Sign in a Box product line is a complete solution, available in 32″ and 42″ display sizes. Simply connect the display to the included and pre-configured media player, add power, and your network is ready to run. Powered by the MediaCast System, a robust, web-based Content Management System, you can now “get personal” with your viewers and deliver a highly engaging experience.

And, with built-in 3G or 4G cellular-based networking, you can deploy your network virtually anywhere without on-site network infrastructure.

Complete solution that includes display, media player, networking and integrated MediaCast software
Commercial grade, high-definition LCD display with optional touch screen
Media Player fully configured with MediaCast player software (available in Standard or Premium Media Player configurations)
Built-in internet connection with LAN, cellular-broadband or Wi-Fi support
Media Player is provided in custom VESA Mount Housing for easy and secure integration with display
Web-based MediaCast CMS for complete control over your network of displays. Displays are available in landscape and portrait orientations for each
screen size:


We offer a two-year repair or replace warranty on hardware, plus a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) on the MediaCast portal.