Panasonic 103″ TH-103PB1

Superb Drawing
The Electronic Pen system was newly developed using the “Plasma Light Detection System.” The light that is emitted from each pixel with Full-HD resolution is detected directly by the pen to allow quick, smooth drawing and writing of diverse information. This technology removes the need for a touch overlay calibration and installation.

Precise Drawing Position Detection
The display’s plasma light emission is detected in single-pixel units, so the drawing position of the pen is detected accurately. Writing small letters and click operations on the PC desktop are smooth and easy.

Fast Response
The Electronic Pen position is detected at a fast 60 times per second. This ensures excellent tracking and stress-free writing and drawing.

Accurate and Fast Writing and Drawing
Small or complex letters can be written onto illustrations such as high-resolution CAD drawings, accurately and finely in the exact location that is intended.

Electronic Pen-Only Detection Prevents Operating Errors
Because the plasma light emission is detected only by the Electronic Pen, there’s no accidental writing or operating errors when your hand, a sleeve, or other object touches the screen.

Remote Pointer Works from a Distance
The Remote Pointer can be used for pointing or marking from up to 8 meters away. This prevents the audience’s view from being blocked and helps to get the presenter’s point across in seminars, lectures, and other situations where presentations are made to large groups of people.

No Driver Needed — Ready for Instant Use
There’s no need to install a special driver. Simply register the Electronic Pen and Electronic Pen Adaptor to use the Electronic Pen as a mouse. Even when the presenters’ PCs change, the Electronic Pen can be passed around for continuous use.
* Suppoted by Windows only

Simply plug in the adaptor for PCs that are brought by visitors. No special drivers or software installation is needed.

Wide Viewing Angle for Superb Visibility
The display’s wide viewing angle enables superb visibility from anywhere. All participants share a high-quality image even when viewing from an angle.

Plasma Picture Quality Reproduces Natural Colors
The faithful color reproduction of the self-illuminating plasma panel provides accurate colors and textures of designs and prototype products.

The display’s exceptional HD picture quality is optimal for reviewing production or graphic design work.
Prototypes and designs can be checked at levels close to the finished products themselves.

Durable, Easy-to-Clean Front Glass
The durable front glass is designed to hold up to impact and resist scratches during writing. When the glass becomes dirty, it can be easily cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth.

Plasma Panel Lifetime of About 100,000 Hours
The lifetime of the plasma panel is approximately 100,000 hours.* As a display used for daily presentation, it offers sharp, beautiful images for an extremely long period of time.

* Guideline operating hours before the panel brightness is reduced to half when the panel is used to display motion pictures in the Standard mode. Afterimages (burned-in images) and malfunctions are not taken into consideration.