Consulting & Design

Maybe you’re uncertain about journeying into world of digital signage, you’ve come up with a novel idea but are unsure how to implement it, or just need advice regarding what products will best fit your needs and budget. When you are having trouble turning your vision into reality, MediaNow is here to help.  MediaNow provides full consulting services including needs and costs analyses, project planning and development, law and regulation compliance, labor projections and timelines, and of course, expert advice at every corner. Contact MediaNow today to discuss your project ideas.

System Design:
Does the newest technology fit into your project vision? How will your message travel to reach your target audience? MediaNow will design your new digital signage system or network of displays with your goals in mind. With an expansive array of display types and sizes, software, hardware and accessories, MediaNow provides freedom of choice to meet your specific needs and budget. Whether it is a single lobby screen or a network that runs location-specific content across the nation, you can rely on MediaNow’s experts to design the system that works for your business.

Site Surveys:
A builder wouldn’t set a foundation without first examining the land. The installation of a digital signage system, LED billboard or even a single television also requires forethought and planning. Placement and structural issues should always be considered prior to any installation to help eliminate any potential problems and ensure that your investment performs as you expect.

MediaNow offers pre-installation site surveys to ensure that your project idea and reality meld seamlessly. MediaNow’s professional technicians will examine your space and your ideas, identify potential issues and provide a solution that meets your needs. Certified engineers can also create sealed drawings if your project requires it. Eliminate potentially expensive problems down the road with a professional site survey by MediaNow.

Permit Procurement:
Municipalities have different laws, rules and regulations regarding signage, especially for LED billboards. Permit procurement can be a lengthy, complicated process that may shut down your project if not applied for properly or obtained in a timely manner. Leave your permit procurements to MediaNow. Their experience and knowledge makes procuring the necessary permits a smooth, streamlined process that will not interrupt your carefully planned schedule.