Deployment & Training

When it is time to put your digital signage system, display or billboard to work, you want it ready to go, effectively meeting the demands of your unique needs from the start. At MediaNow, every step leads to this goal. A well-thought out system can be deployed quickly and without disruptions, ensuring seamless flow of information to your targeted audience.

Deployment consists of more than just flipping the switch and hoping for a stunning display. Careful preparation and examination throughout all phases of installation ensures that all components work together as they should. MediaNow takes the time to program and test each display and component, and makes any necessary changes or adjustments to perfect your system.

High-level digital signage may require specialized training in order to get the most out of the system and maximize the return on your investment. If you plan to operate the system internally, do not overlook training. Professional training minimizes user errors and heads off any potential problems, in addition to ensuring maximum return on your human investment. MediaNow offers on-site or factory training and only uses certified trainers. You will never be on your own, unless you want it that way.