Sourcing & Procurement

Sourcing and Procurement:
From large-scale projects that require multiple deliveries to the purchase of a single television, MediaNow’s outstanding professional relationships with top-name manufacturers provide a competitive edge in sourcing and procurement. Quality products, fair pricing and timely deliveries take the hassle and stress out of your purchasing needs.

MediaNow offers a wide range of products to meet your needs and budget. Simply contact one of MediaNow’s professional technicians to obtain a quote or to address any questions you may have.

For government procurements, MediaNow has made the process even easier with simplified acquisitions through the GSA. With two active GSA schedules, you are sure to find the media displays that meet your needs.

Volume Sales:
MediaNow believes in fair pricing, and understands that large quantity orders can strap your company’s or institution’s budget, or force you to compromise on quality. Most manufacturers will offer discounts on volume orders. MediaNow passes that savings along to the customer, allowing you more flexibility and options for your dollar.

MediaNow works directly with manufacturers and distributors of top-name brands to lock in the best prices for your volume orders. They also work closely with shipping companies to ensure that your order is delivered in a timely manner, either all at once or in scheduled delivery waves, to meet your deadlines. MediaNow can also fulfill volume orders for the accessories, software and hardware that your new televisions, displays or digital signage system may need in order to make your project fit your vision.

Contact MediaNow today for a prompt, professional quote on volume orders, and discover why MediaNow is where the pros go for sourcing and procurement.