Remote Control & Automation

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your equipment responded to your commands with minimal exertion on your part? Remote control and automation technology does just that: from a central wall-mounted panel or a portable remote, you can control the equipment in your office, conference room, floor or entire building with just your fingertip.

MediaNow offers a wide selection of devices and accessories to automate and provide complete control of all your equipment, no matter what the application. Integrate your presentation AV equipment in conference rooms, classrooms or auditoriums for exciting multi-media presentations that keep the attention on the speaker and information rather than on the equipment. Use your resources more efficiently and save money by managing lighting, energy and climate settings. Remote access to security cameras adds an extra level of safety for you and your professional community.

MediaNow’s relationship with Universal Remote Control, one of the world’s most-recognized and respected names in remote controls and automation, means you get the best value for your money and the simplicity of URC’s user-friendly designs. Contact MediaNow today to find out how easy it can be to put control back into your hands.

Commercial Remotes
Whether handheld, wall mounted or tabletop mounted, URC commercial remote controls give you complete control from anywhere in the room.

Base Stations
Connect and control all of your devices from a compact and reliable central base station. Designed to control multi-zones, URC’s base stations provide unparalleled control options.

IP Base Stations
URC’s IP base stations bridge the digital divide between your devices and your IP network.

Network Amplifiers
Network amplifiers are scalable solutions that can create additional zones and provide the highest quality streaming audio to your application.

IP Cameras
URC’s IP security cameras provide live video feeds over your IP network so that you can monitor security conditions from anywhere, any time.

URC offers the ideal all-in-one media delivery solution for any size commercial application or setting and enables system expansion.